Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Grunge + Curls

Hat: Vintage
Dress: Forever21
Necklace: Vintage
Socks: American Apparel
Boots: Dr. Martens
Rings: Thrifted

Bonjour mes amis! 
So sorry I haven't been posting, there is so much to catch up on. Over the past few months that I have been absent I flew home for a month, started an internship, got promoted at work, turned 22, and planned out my last semester of university. Absolutely crazy I say! Life never seems to slow down, even for a girl trying to find time for blogging. Well, to be honest, I did have free time, but it was spent either reading or watching historical documentaries on Netflix. My internship, which involved a lovely amount of visual merchandising, is ending on thursday however and I am ready to continue blogging daily outfits, inspiration, and news from the fashion world. 

As you can see I am still into the grunge style and my Dr. Marten collection has grown to six pairs! You can never have too many right? I am so excited to show off all the new items I have gotten over the past months, which includes two cloaks! They are velvet and just dreamy, I must say I am deeply wishing for some colder weather so I can wear them. 

Also I am headed to NYC for the day tomorrow! Hopefully I get the chance to snap some lovely photos for everyone. Thanks for staying faithful to my blog and sorry again for the absence, I didn't enjoy it either

Wednesday, April 2, 2014


Hat- Urban Outfitters
Cardigan- Thrift Store
Dress- Free People
Tights- H&M
Socks- Urban Outfitters
Boots- J Shoes

Hi everyone! Don't I totally look like I am headed out to Quidditch match? In support of Gryffindor, of course!

I want to say sorry for the absence here on the blog, life has been so hectic lately. In a good way of course, that is, until I got this terrible head cold. I can't breathe and have been sucking on cough drops, the timing of this illness could not be more awful though. Especially since I have an interview today for a Summer internship. I think I can pull off not sniffling or cough for an hour though, hopefully! 

I got this gorgeous Free People dress the other day, aren't the colors beautiful? I often find that most Summer dresses are in really bright colors so it is nice to see a Summer cut with my favorite Autumn colors. 

Still loving my J shoe boots that I found brand new at the thrift store. I have been trying to think of ways to wear them all summer, but it just doesn't feel right. However I am not sure I can avoid them for a whole season. There is just too much love there. 

Have a great week! 

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Moody Spring


Hi everyone. Well, it is officially Spring. This being said, it has been snowing all day. Why is this happening to us!? I want sunshine and I want to read outside and eat strawberries while lying in the grass.

Needless to say, this cold weather has left me a tad moody. In the end, creating a Polyvore set inspired by a warmer season, was the only thing to lift my mood. I love the colors in this look and the dark edge to it. Definitely want all those rings also!

What inspires you when you when the weather is dreary?

Friday, March 21, 2014


Dress- Modcloth
Shirt- Forever 21
Purse- Cambridge Satchel Company
Tights- H&M
Shoes- Bass

I'm red! Or well, my hair is. A lot of people have been asking me, what's wrong with purple?? The answer is nothing! I am just having fun and trying out new colors. However, I have come to the conclusion that having hair a bright, fun, and saturated color is a load of work. Not sure what I want to do after this color, keep experimenting or back to a nice auburn? 

Also, how adorable is this little pinafore from Modcloth? I was waiting a long time for this one to come back in stock and I snagged it up right when it did. I don't typically like to buy things that are not on sale, or from the Goodwill or something, but I had to make an exception. Mainly because I don't have another piece like this one, but also because you can constantly change it up just by wearing something else underneath! No shoppers remorse here.

Oh and happy Spring everyone! Pretty excited for some warmer temperatures this year! 

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Magic Wolf

Guys I was featured over on the Modcloth blog! Check it out! :) 

Hat: Urban Outfitters
Necklace: Handmade in Sweden
Cardigan: Talbots
Dress: Hot Topic
Belt: Modcloth
Socks: Alpaca 
Boots: J Shoes

How awesome is the print on this dress? It perfectly mixes my desire to dress more nature inspired, but still has a fun dark twist. The bonus is, it was on sale! Which is always good news to my poor college ears.  And it matches my purple tights! Win. 

I actually wore this outfit to D.C. the other day with Zach. We went and saw the the declaration of Independence and the Constitution of America. It was kind of surreal seeing such decisive documents. The papers written in that room, which I was in, formed The United States of America. Crazy if you really think about it. Especially thinking about what D.C. looked like to them? I wish I could just be transported to another time and view everyday life. Maybe one day? Until then, I will be here dreaming of times forgotten and trying to find ways to influence their fashion trends into modern fashion! Did I mention I love history? Any other other history lovers out there?? If so, what is your favorite period in time? 

Let me know! I would love to look into it.